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Meet Mildred Black

Mildred Black is a People+Culture Advisor, an expert at the intersection of people and culture.  She is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, lecturer, and storyteller who has addressed audiences nationally and internationally.  Her philosophy disrupts how leaders and organizations view developing talent and workplace culture.  Her mission is to develop people and remove barriers to human greatness.  

Through The Being Academy, she coaches leaders and entrepreneurs to transform, thrive, and make an impact in the world around them. 

Helping develop people and remove barriers to human greatness.

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Through her consulting practice, People Optimum Consulting, she partners with organizations Fortune 100 companies like Amazon and Mercedes-Benz to improve retention and engagement in the workplace culture by implementing innovative people solutions. 


Drawing from over two decades of experience as a senior HR leader, she specializes in people+culture transformations through coaching, facilitated learning experiences, management consulting, and community partnerships. She has helped thousands of leaders experience breakthroughs with strategy, labor law, diversity equity & inclusion, leadership, and workplace nuances. Her roles as a top Human Resources executive have included large, public, and private sectors. She has led organizational initiatives to enhance employee experience, communications, technology, organizational development, and operational performance.


Speaker. Lecturer. Storyteller.

media features

Mildred is a media contributor. The Wall Street Journal recognized Mildred as a Diversity+Business expert. Mildred has appeared as a contributor in The Wall Street Journal, and she has been a featured guest on ABC and Fox News.  She launched the People+Culture Vodcast to stimulate meaningful conversations for today’s workplace, and she is the creator of the People+Culture Newsletter on LinkedIn. She earned her Executive MBA in Business Leadership from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from The University of Alabama. Mildred has studied business practices in Shanghai and Beijing China. In addition, Mildred has studied Strategy at Harvard Extension

School. Mildred is a certified Senior Human Resources Professional through the Society of Human Resources Management and Human Resources Certification Institute.


Mildred is passionate about creating pathways to growth, development and healing from the negative impacts of systemic trauma and poverty. Her volunteerism and leadership in the community has focused on amplifying opportunities for individuals and 

businesses from underrepresented backgrounds and being of service to those in need. Mildred believes in the power of education, creativity, and synergy to facilitate positive change in people and cultures.

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